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What is the NAYF?

The National Ambassador Youth Forum is a free program involving :

  • 30 Grade 10 and Grade 11 bilingual students from across Canada, enrolled in French programs (Core French, Extended French, French Immersion, or Francophone schools)
  • 5 days of fun, interactive workshops and activities centered on the significance of bilingualism
  • 1 different Canadian city each year

All of this goes into training students to become French for the Future ambassadors!

The ambassadors’ mission is to promote the French language and official bilingualism in their schools throughout the year following the FNJA by organizing activities related to French.

The 2018 FNJA in Montreal

The 2018 FNJA 2018 will be held from August 9 to August 14, 2018 at McGill University’s campus in Montreal, Quebec. This program is free for participants : all expenses including travel, accommodation, and food are covered by the French for the Future!

How to apply?

Submit your application between April 2 and May 4, 2018 by following these steps :

Step 1 : Create a video

Your video must include : 

  • An introduction in French (provide your first name, last name, school, city, province and language category, i.e. French first language or French second language)
  • Your answer the following question in French : Si tu étais choisi comme ambassadeur, quelle activité pour promouvoir le français voudrais-tu mettre en place dans ton école ou ta communauté?

The video must be hosted on a platform such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, must be public, and must be no more than one minute in length.

Step 2 : Fill out the participant registration form

Please copy and paste a link to your video in the form.

Step 3 : Fill out the application support form

Each participant must have a sponsor to support his/her application, from his/her own community. The sponsor may not be a parent or guardian. This person will provide support to the ambassador and commit to :

  • Support the ambassador in the organization of activities to promote the French language for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Act as contact person for French for the Future (he or she would be contacted two or three times throughout the year, to provide feedback on the ambassador’s commitment level).

Your application is now complete!

What’s next?

Ambassadors will be selected by French for the Future’s Selection Committee. If you are selected, you will be notified in May 2018, by e-mail and / or phone. The official list of 2018 ambassadors will be revealed on our website starting in June 2018.

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